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C-Guide is a complete NYSC ‘corper’ companion app that is designed as a companion to help Corp members glide through their service year, while keeping them informed about the program every step of the way.

cross platform

Cross Platform

C-Guide will be available on both iOS and Android - making it an ideal guide for all NYSC participants or those interested in learning more about the program. Plus it works even without internet connection.

real-time information

Real-time Information

Our app is equipped with all relevant information for Prospective Corp Members (PCMs): like access to NYSC’s Senate List, Green Card notification & download, Call-Up Letter printout, and so much more.

connect with others

Connect With Other Corpers

Yes, there’s a cherry on top! - the app also link PCMs with other members from the same region that are deployed to the same State, so you can connect and plan your trip together as ’Trip Buddies’!

activity notification

Activities Notification

Forgot what task comes next? You won’t need to break a sweat, because with C-Guide, you’re rest-assured that you’ll always get timely notifications on your next activity through-out your service year.

q and a

Q and A

Having questions about NYSC or its processes? Get relevant answers and help other Corp members get answers to their questions with a feature packed Q&A forum.

Senate List Check

Senate List Check

Get posted and notified immediately you are mobilized for NYSC by your Institution. C-Guide will even keep your notification alive so you become among the first to register.

Seamless NYSC Integration

Seamless NYSC Integration

With C-Guide’s knit NYSC integration, you also get unfettered access to your official NYSC service portal- all displayed in a smooth, intuitive User Interface and fluid Experience.

Camp Preparations

Camp Preparations

Know all the stuff you need to carry to your camp, and be notified when your Green card and Call-up letter is ready. C-Guide will also notify you of your state of deployment.

Trip Buddies

Trip Buddies

Having trouble knowing who to travel with? Our ‘Trip Buddies’ feature will connect you with PCMs posted to the same state as you- you can even chat them up & organize your trip!

Orientation Camp

Orientation Camp

No more anxiety on what to do while in the camp. Stay connected with up-to-date notifications on camp activities and all the happenings through-out your amazing camp period.

Platoon Members

Platoon Members

Want to identify your fellow Platoon members? Be the first to know them through the ‘Platoon Members’ section of the app. Easily know their names and hey- even chat them up!

Service Year

Service Year

Don’t get missing after your camp. Get a step-by-step update on post camp activities. Know your PPA details instantly, and easily connect with your CDS members from day one.


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* ES Technologies LTD has no connection, partnership or affliation with the NYSC, and C-Guide app is independently developed and maintained.

* NYSC and NYSC logo are registered Trademarks of NYSC Organization of the Nigerian Government.